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Courses and Workshops Taught

Northeastern University, Boston; College of Arts, Media & Design (2018– )

  • Thesis Seminar for Design (Graduate)
  • Research Methods for Design (Graduate)
  • Notational Systems for Experience Design (Graduate)
  • Interaction Team Project 1 & 2 (Senior Capstone)
  • Design Degree Project (Senior Capstone)

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh; School of Design (2014–2018)

  • Designing Civic Conversations (Masters-level, elective)
  • Senior Studio: SpeakLab (upper-division, required)
  • Information Design (IDEATE, interdisciplinary)
  • Design Thinking (Masters-level, required)

University of Colorado, Denver; Visual Arts, Digital Design (2010–2014)

  • Design Studio 4 (Senior Thesis)
  • Practices of Design (upper-division, required)
  • Interactive Design 2 (upper-division, required)
  • Interactive Design 1 (lower-division, required)
  • Design Studio 2 (upper-division, required)
  • Design Studio 1 (lower-division, required)
  • Typography Studio (lower-division, required)
  • Introduction to Digital Design (lower-division, required)

Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, Graphic Design & Digital Media (2004–2008)

  • Experience Design (upper-division, required)
  • Design Systems (upper-division, required)
  • Sign and Symbol (lower-division, required)
  • Design Concepts and Methods (lower-division, required)
  • Typographic Design (lower-division, required)
  • Electronic Page Layout (lower-division, required)
  • Raster Image Processing (lower-division, required for Graphic Design and Illustration)
  • Advertising Copywriting (upper-division, required)
  • Introduction to Interactivity and Multimedia (upper-division, required)
  • Digital Editing (upper-division, required)
  • User Prototyping (upper-division, required)
  • Web Design (upper-division, required for Digital Media certificate)
  • Interaction Design (upper-division, required for Digital Media certificate)

Anderson Ranch (2008)

  • Supervised over 20 week-long workshops in Photography and Digital Media

Image Space Object 2–5 design workshops (2004–2008)

  • Guest Critic

University of Colorado, Boulder; Art & Art History, Interdisciplinary Media Arts Practices (2005–2008)

  • New Directions in Media Arts  (graduate, and upper-division undergraduate, required)
  • History and Theory of Digital Art (graduate, and upper-division undergraduate, required)
  • Digital Art Studio 2 (graduate and upper-division undergraduate, required)
  • Digital Art Studio 1 (graduate and lower-division undergraduate, required)

University of Denver, Art & Art History and Digital Media Studies (2001–2007)

  • Introduction to Visual Meaning (lower-division, required)
  • Interactive Digital Art (graduate, and upper-division, required)
  • Introduction to Interactive Media: Theory and Practice (graduate, and upper-division, required)
  • Designing Social Awareness (upper-division, required)
  • Fundamentals of Design (lower-division, required)