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The Conversation Game

Posted on Dec 16, 2017 in facilitation, interactive, personal work

The Conversation Game is a 60 card deck that has been tested in a variety of scenarios. The gameplay — similar to Apples to Apples — consists of selecting and matching orange question cards with the blue situation cards. Situations range from mild (Someone cuts the line at the grocery store) to more severe (A colleague makes inappropriate advances). Question cards are all focused upon the player’s personal experience and ask reflective questions, questions about the long-term impacts of the situation, or employ other conflict-resolution approaches.

Each turn, players select a question card for the situation, and give a brief explanation of how they might answer that question in the context of the situation. While the players can elect to declare a winner of each round, the real purpose of the game is to allow players to come to the realization that there are a variety of approaches that might be employed in difficult situations, and learn tactics from each other.